This foundation is committed to considering research, education, and service that advances the use of medications for improving human health. Medications are vital in the prevention and management of illnesses. Realizing that benefits expected from medication use can be lessen by ill-factors encountered at different levels of service this organization is embracing frameworks including the patient, family, health-care provider, health-care system and governmental policies in performing its task.

The values we uphold place us in the position of ensuring that:

  • All people have the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to use medications appropriately
  • Institutions are promoting informed and shared decision making so that pharmaceutical services reflect patients values, preferences and needs.

We are compassionate individuals including Pharmacists, public health personnel, drug fund managers, and health care providers with the deep knowledge of the Liberia pharmaceutical sector. With the experience of holding credible positions and performing crucial tasks in the Liberian pharmaceutical sector, working and improving skills and trainings beyond boundaries; we stand ready to provide the needed support to institutions and initiatives that will improve the practice of pharmacy thereby improving health outcomes.


Our mission is to provide support to pharmaceutical institutions and initiatives in the process of improving the practice and utilization of pharmacy service in every community through education, research and information sharing.


A nation with communities of safe and effective medication use.


4589 Perch Branch Way,
Woodbridge Virginia 22193

(571) 398-1896